AutoESL Design Technologies

The Design Challenges

The design complexity of integrated circuit systems is outgrowing the capabilities of
traditional register transfer level (RTL) methods, and it is commonly acknowledged
that the ultimate solution is to move to the next level of abstraction beyond RTL.
Electronic system level (ESL) design automation has been identified as the next
productivity boost for the semiconductor industry. However, despite some recent
success in ESL simulation, the transition to ESL design will not be as well
accepted as the transition to RTL without robust and efficient behavior-level and
system-level synthesis technology that automatically compiles functional and/or
algorithmic descriptions into optimized hardware architectures.

AutoESL Design Technologies (AutoESL), Inc. is a privately held company
providing advanced behavior-level and system-level synthesis technologies and
development tools for designing and implementing application-specific integrated
circuits (ASICs), Structured ASICs, and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).
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AutoESL offers the ESL designers an innovative platform-based design and
synthesis flow that automatically generate high-quality RTL code from behavior-
level and system-level SystemC/C descriptions. The company also provides
consulting and training services related to complex chip designs using AutoESL
synthesis tools. AutoESL’s solution leads to significant productivity and quality-of-
result improvements in designing and producing integrated circuits for a variety of
semiconductor markets, including communications, computing, consumer
electronics, networking, and many others.  The company sells its products
through both direct sales and distribution channels.
AutoESL was founded in January 2006 as a California Corporation and is
headquartered in Los Angeles, California.
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AutoESL Design Technologies
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